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A Premier Zirconia Smile

As you consider teeth replacement, let our team at Breeze Dental Group guide you through the process and ensure you select the best solutions, materials, and finishes. If you’re leaning away from dentures and towards full mouth dental implants with a zirconia fixed bridge in Pleasanton, CA you are making the best decision for your smile. As leaders in implant dentistry, we provide solutions that are customized specifically to your smile, keeping function and beauty as equal priorities. A zirconia fixed bridge of teeth is fabricated from a solid block of zirconia, one of the strongest materials in dentistry. Zirconia is biocompatible and naturally the color of teeth. The aesthetic factors paired with the unrivaled durability make zirconia the best choice for your full-arch restoration. Unlike zirconia, acrylic dentures and other full-arch options can stain, chip, or break. A zirconia fixed bridge secured by dental implants is truly one of the best choices for your forever smile.

Why Zirconia?

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Long-Lasting Arch Support

A zirconia fixed bridge has a similar strength to that of healthy natural teeth. This is ideal for proper biting, chewing, and eating well into the future. These bridges get their incredible strength and durability from how they’re fabricated. Since a single piece of zirconia is used, there is less of a chance for chips or fractures. Zirconia has physical properties like titanium and aesthetic properties that imitate natural teeth. Traditional dentures and some hybrid solutions are typically made with porcelain and acrylic, making them less future proof.
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Improved Smile Appearance

In addition to its strength, a bridge made from zirconia has the color and translucency of natural teeth. These features are currently unmatched by any other material in dentistry today. We customize this restoration to your smile specifications and to complement your facial features. Your new teeth will also be custom colored to match your natural gums keeping the brightness you desire in mind. Unlike acrylic and porcelain materials, the smooth and polished surface of the zirconia material will never look like fake, unnatural teeth.

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How Much Does a Zirconia Arch Cost?

Breeze Dental Group provides zirconia fixed bridges in Pleasanton, CA because we have seen the impact that natural-looking, long-lasting restorations can have on our patient’s newly revived smiles. As we continue to offer the latest techniques and technology to transform lives, we refuse to compromise on the materials we use. Although zirconia is a more expensive option, this cost is justified by the durability and longevity you will enjoy. If you choose a zirconia bridge you can expect decades of confidence living out your everyday actions like eating, speaking, and smiling. As a care provider in our community, we are committed to making dental implant surgery as affordable as possible. From insurance providers and third-party financing companies, we will manage communications with lenders to get you approved at a rate you can make sense of.

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