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When is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

If you have been living with a problem tooth that continues to give you aches and pains, you’re likely distracted by the discomfort to desperately avoid it. Chances are your tooth problem won’t go away on its own. Aches and pains due to a damaged tooth, an untreated infection, or other dental trauma can lead to serious issues that affect your other teeth, oral health, and in severe situations your overarching health. At Breeze Dental, we will always attempt to save your natural tooth, given the specific circumstances, extraction (removal) is sometimes necessary. If you are seeking a dentist that can perform gentle tooth extractions in Pleasanton, CA – you have come to the right place.
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What To Expect With A Tooth Extraction?

First, you will visit our inclusive offices for a consultation where we examine your problem tooth or teeth. From there, our thorough dentist will determine if a tooth extraction is a solution. Our financial coordinator will provide all the details on our relationship with your insurance providers. Once we have scheduled you for your tooth extraction in Pleasanton, CA we have deemed it impossible to preserve your natural tooth. In many cases, tooth extraction is a straightforward and quick surgical procedure. As always, we will take the steps to limit any pain or discomfort for you.
The Tooth Extraction Process
After you arrive for your tooth extraction procedure at our Pleasanton, CA practice, we’ll first ensure you are comfortable and then numb the gums around your tooth with a local anesthetic. Next, we’ll use forceps to grasp your tooth and gently remove it, being careful to not harm adjacent teeth or bone and gum tissue at the site. Our dentist and dental team routinely complete tooth extraction procedures and are skilled in making them efficient. Before you know it, your procedure will be complete! Your healing period will last a few days, during which time you may take over-the-counter medication for any discomfort. We’ll review post-operative instructions and recommendations with you in detail to ensure a healthy and comfortable recovery.

The Results of a Tooth Extraction

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The Importance of After-Care

After any tooth extraction, you must take proper precautions to heal effectively. In the empty socket where your tooth sat, a blood clot typically forms. If this doesn’t happen or if the blood clot is dislodged, the bone and nerves below the socket become exposed, known as dry socket. Dry socket is painful but preventable. We will provide easy-to-understand, post-extraction guidelines following your procedure.

After you have healed, it is wise to replace the extracted tooth. This will preserve your bone and complete your smile. Many patients choose to receive a dental implant where their previous tooth once was. Dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement solution to achieve a fixed, naturally functioning smile.

A solution to alleviate your toothache exists.

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