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Is a Root Canal Necessary?

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Solve your Persistent Tooth Pains

If you have been trying to ignore a lingering pain in your tooth or you’ve noticed increased tooth sensitivity to extreme temperatures, it’s time to get to the root of the issue. A toothache is almost always a sign that infection has damaged the pulp within your tooth root. This can result from tooth decay, injury to your mouth, or poor oral hygiene. When a toothache goes left untreated, the infection will fester and increase your tooth discomfort. Ignoring infection can lead to a tooth abscess, and in the most extreme cases, you may have to have the tooth extracted. Let us be the solution to your hurting tooth and perform the care necessary to restore your health.

Deep Rooted Tooth Troubles

Our dentist at Breeze Dental Group is skilled and effective in performing necessary root canal therapy in Pleasanton, CA. A root canal can treat and remove the buried infection inside your tooth before it creates irreversible damage. Don’t fear this procedure or put off your treatment any longer. We perform root canals in Pleasanton, CA to alleviate tooth pains, not to cause any more. When performed appropriately and promptly, a root canal can save the structure of your natural tooth, which is always ideal. Oftentimes, root canal procedures are deemed necessary and recognized by insurance companies to empower patients to receive the care they need.

Pain-Relieving Endodontic Treatment

Root Canals

Root canal therapy in Pleasanton, California involves removing a portion of the tooth crown to gain access to the pulp chamber and clear out all the infection, bacteria, damaged pulp and tissues. Disinfecting and cleaning the canals is the next step before filling them with a hardening material. The tooth will then be sealed to keep bacteria from entering the chamber and root canal and covered with a dental crown to ensure it remains strong and functional after treatment.
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The Benefits of a Root Canal

After completion of the procedure, you’ll be able to live a comfortable and functional life again without any distracting tooth pain. We’ll provide all the necessary after-care instructions to ensure your recovery is proper. In general, you can expect the following benefits from treatment:

Kick that toothache for good!

Let us determine if a root canal is the relief you need.