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Root Canal

Root canal procedures become necessary when the pulp becomes irritated, inflamed, or starts breaking down due to tooth decay, and bacteria have a chance to colonize within the root canal. These symptoms can occur when there are too many procedures performed on one tooth, when cavities form, when tooth decay, in general, takes root, when trauma is dealt with the face, or when a tooth becomes cracked or chipped for any reason.  Root canal procedures, however, are no more painful than other procedures.

  An abscessed tooth (where the chamber is filled with puss and bacteria) is the trademark result that leads to a root canal procedure.  If it is not treated, then the infection will continue to spread and cause pain.

if you experience: pain when occluding, pain during mastication, sensitivity to hot or cold averages, and noticeable facial swelling. please call now and schedule an appominment You might need a root canal or endodontic treatment.

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